The 16th ISTMA World Conference, postponed to 2023 due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be held in Shanghai, China, hosted by CDMIA.
The conference will be subbordinated to topics such as 'Connectivity', 'Innovation' and 'Complementation' and approach industrial developments, technology leadership and talent building, according to the schedule presented below:

Registration                 ISTMA General Assembly Meeting 2023 (ISTMA members only)

Day 1     Opening ceremony of the DMC 2023
                                    Opening ceremony of the 16th  ISTMA World Conference 
                                    World Conference: Industry Development Report

Day 2     World Conference: Technology Leadership Report
                                    World Conference: Personnel Development Report

Day 3     B2B Meetings and International delegation visit DMC2023

Day 4     Technical Industry visits (Shanghai line; Jiangsu line; Zhejiang Hangzhou line)