Dear ISTMA members,

Over the latest General Assemblies, ISTMA World have discussed its positions to support the plastic industry and the Circular Economy as part of a "Sustainable Development Initiative".

The following is an extract from an article written by John McEwan of the South African association PtSA:

"Plastics and the damage to the environment caused by plastic waste, is very much    in the news lately. But, is the problem a problem of plastic, or one of human behaviour? Can the world live without plastic? Consider food packaging, the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the automotive industry, to name a few, which we are dependent on in our daily lives. Can we imagine living without plastic products? Thus, plastic products are vital for our modern society. However, plastic waste is a real environmental disaster. This disaster is being caused by us humans and our habit of indiscriminately discarding plastic waste which can end up in rivers, lakes, oceans, forests, landfill sites, you name it. We find plastic waste virtually everywhere. We as, humans, must take responsibility and act".

Under this subject, 'SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT' has been added as a new topic to the ISTMA World website with the intention of using it to promote our position on the Circular Economy and how the Industries we represent can contribute to Sustainable development.

We invite all our member associations to provide information, articles and insight to assist in the promotion of this important initiative.

It also gives me great pleasure to introduce our latest Global Partner 'Clariter' an innovative global group that is leading the way with a range of patented technology and clean-tech solutions to convert plastic waste into high-grade, pure products.

We expect to contribute to ISTMA World position on this subject by providing content for this new page which I trust you will find both topical and interesting.

Looking forward to your contributions

Bob Williamson