ISTMA has just released a new edition with updated information about international trade in Tooling Industry. This publication presents statistical information about international trade and manufacturing on Tools, Dies and Moulds using extensive graphical presentation and numerical tables as a prevailing support. More than 900 figures on 250 pages are accessible in order to fully describe product and country industrial tooling dynamics in long time-series presentations.

The "ISTMA Statistical Year Book" provides a detailed analysis of data concerning production, exports, imports and apparent market dimension as well as value unit indices for the most important classes of products in the industry under analysis:
· Injection and compression moulds for plastics;

· Mould tools for metal or metal carbides (excluding injection or compression types);

· Tools for pressing, stamping, punching and forming (Dies);

This analysis refers to production and international trade – values and quantities –, and based on international and national statistical data according to the most recent and detailed level of the Combined Nomenclature (CN8), PRODCOM2, or equivalent standards for the following indicators:

production value (national currency, EUR and USD);
production quantity in kg (unit prices);
export and import values (national currency, EUR and USD);
export and import quantities in kg (unit prices);
apparent market consumption (national currency, EUR and USD)
Several new layers of information were also added to this edition, in particular in what aggregated and comparative analysis is concerned. The following new items are now available:

10 Major Global Key-Players
10 Major Key-Players by Category
Global Values by Category
International Trade by Category and Continent - 2014
International Trade – Export Flows Between Continents - 2014
A new and comprehensive item was added detailing sources, deviations, decisions and data missing.

The 2016 edition of the "ISTMA Statistical Year Book" introduces economic information and highlights providing information of Tool and Die Industry on 29 countries: Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK and USA.

Released in February of 2009, the original edition of the book introduced for the first time for the Tools, Die and Moulds industry a broad range of statistical information. The figures have been prepared according to the best methodological approaches available and, to the highest degree, based on data released by official statistical bodies.

Summing-up, the new edition of the "ISTMA Statistical Year Book" aims to provide useful information for a more comprehensive understanding of the global and present framework picture, delivering an additional tool, not only to understand the consequences of the present situation, but also to help recognising the dynamics of the structural changes in the Industry worldwide.

To obtain the book or additional information please contact ISTMA Secretariat:

Older Statistical information available: 

ISTMA business figures and ratios for the (previous) year, including at the country level (ISTMA definitions for the business figures and ratios: )

  • Turnover and value added:
  • Productivity
  • Manufacturing and outsourcing
  • Human resources
  • Profits
  • Capex
  • Liquidity
  • ISTMA wage and salaries, includes the maximum, minimum and average wages per hour, in value, at the country level, as of May the previous year, for the following categories:
  • skilled mouldmaker
  • skilled tool and die maker
  • skilled designer
  • machine operator / programmer
  • machine loader / unloader
  • foreman