"Toolmaking Day" - the most important professional event in the Slovenian toolmaking and automotive industry calendar - this time connecting members of SRIP Factories of the uture, the automotive branch and members of the Industrial Association of Toolmakers on November 8th, in Ljubljana.

"Toolmaking  Day"  -  the  most  important  professional  event  in  the  Slovenian  toolmaking  and automotive  industry  calendar  -  this  time  connecting  members  of  SRIP  Factories  of  the uture,  the automotive  branch  and  members  of  the  Industrial  Association  of  Toolmakers  on  November  8th,  in Ljubljana.

The  first  session  will  bring  toolmakers  and  tool  users  from  the  automotive  industry  ogether  to discuss  the  concept  of  Industry  4.0  and  related  technologies  -  introduction  of  automation  and robotization into tools, tool and machine integration, product quality monitoring, among others.
The  gathering  will  also  be  an  important  opportunity  to  find  new  business  links  and  artners;  all participants  will  participate  on  B2B  meeting  with  potential  suppliers  and/or  buyers  of  their  services. Delegates from all over Europe are expected.
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