"Technology Excellence for Die & Mold" was the topic of the webinar promoted by ISTMA that took place on February 24, with Michael Kirbach and Markus Baeumler, from DMG MORI as guest speakers. Both presented trends and solutions for the industry, developed by their company, in order to increase digitalization in processes, with the objective of reducing costs and increasing companies competitiveness.

With a virtual audience of six dozen professionals from Mould & Die industry, from various parts of the globe, Michael Kirbach stressed that DMG MORI has invested in the development of technologies, working together with universities and technological centers, in order to provide solutions dedicated to satisfying the specific needs of its customers, in sectors as diverse as the automotive, aerospace or medical device industries. This way, he assured, that solutions made available to the market will be updated, ensuring excellent and positive responses.

Michael Kirbach also highlighted that the company is constantly being challenged by its customers, looking for the best ways to produce, focusing on issues such as quality and speed, in the various stages of the mould production process, including finishing.
And the solutions that DMG MORI presents, he reinforced, intend to constitute themselves as factors of increment and success of the businesses in the medium and long term. Productivity, automation and security are some of the priorities, with 'Industry 4.0' occupying a prominent place.

In addition to the more conventional mould manufacturing, the company also has solutions in the area of additive manufacturing. It was up to Markus Baumler to present some of them, including the DED technology that allows the advantageous combination of additive and subtractive processes.

Bob Williamson, President of ISTMA, explained that this webinar is part of a set of actions that the association will develop throughout this year, seeking to inform the industry of some of the technological solutions available and to contribute to the improvement of manufacturing processes in the mould and tooling sectors.