In the context of the international health crisis brought on by the novel coronavirus and its devastating impact both in personal and economic scopes, Bob Williamson, President of ISTMA World, leaves a message of encouragement to all members and partners:

"Dear Colleagues,

Like most of you around the World, in the present situation its hard to get past the emotion and move beyond the deep sense of grief we share with each other for the personal loss and suffering that we see so close to home. Just like all of you I realise that we have hard times ahead and my thoughts and prayers are with those in pain.

As many have already said 'this crisis will pass', so we must learn from the lessons of this terrible experience and build a sustainable future together. The global tool and mould making Industry and all others has been severely disrupted along with international supply chains. The need to implement scenario planning for the future is critical and it is inevitable that those supply chains will need to be shortened and the introduction of new technologies accelerated.

Both during and after this terrible period our industries leaders must take decisive action, with courage often based on Imperfect information, knowing that expediency is essential. The manufacturing efficiency of all products is directly linked to the selection of the tools or moulds used in the production process, so the tooling industry has a pivotal role to play in the building of those new improved supply chains.

ISTMA World can and must play a part by facilitating the sharing of information at a Global level whilst strengthening our already well-established network based on common interests and friendship.

As an industry we must look forward and shine from an inspirational and innovative spirit that is the driving force behind manufacturing efficiency.

May God Bless you all and keep you safe.

Bob Williamson
ISTMA World"