The city of Joinville in Brazil hosted the latest ISTMA General Assembly where Bob Williamson, TASA's representative at International Special Tooling and Machining Association, was elected President for the next three years period.

Bob Williamson will serve a three-year term until 2020. The election was held on June 28 at ISTMA meeting, where the new Governance Bodies obtained the unanimity of the votes of the associative structures representing member countries.

The new elected ISTMA Governance Bodies for the period 2017-2020:

Board of Directors

President: Bob Williamson (South Africa)

Vice President: Joaquim Menezes (Portugal) and Christian Dihlmann (Brazil)

Board Members: David Tilstone (USA) and Markus Heseding (Germany)

Bob Williamson accepted the nomination and announced its commitment with ISTMA values and its main objectives. Continuing the work done by the previous Presidency's towards the recognition, visibility and notoriety of the Industry, the new President wants to reinforce cooperation activities among its members.

The Secretariat of ISTMA World will be kept in Portugal at CEFAMOL – The Portuguese Mouldmakers Industry Association.