During the past 3 years, the ISTMA Board, the Secretariat and several of our members have worked very hard to develop the strategy for ISTMA World and promote the importance of a global organization representing the tooling industry. The key word is

Since 2008, the tooling industry has experienced numerous challenges and changes. To be valuable and relevant to ISTMA members, ISTMA realized it too must change and adapt. One of the most important objectives of ISTMA was growth. Not to simply grow in numbers but to attract key members from around the globe that represent the tooling industry in all regions. To grow, ISTMA needed to attract new members and continue to retain those who have been so loyal. There are common issues among members regardless of where they live. Workforce development, geo political issues, and adopting new technologies to name a few. In a global economy, regional boundaries become transparent. This also pertains to a global association, ISTMA World. Being inclusive rather than exclusive was paramount to the ISTMA strategy.

A global organization must also recognize and provide support for regional and country groupings. Visits were made to China and Japan to understand the expectations of membership and to explain the value of ISTMA. Delegates from these countries also attended ISTMA events to experience the power of networking with like-minded associations to discuss membership and provide input to our strategy. An important development was the creation of a BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) forum. A BRICS meeting was held and hosted by CDMIA (China Die and Mold Industry Association) to discuss the common challenges and opportunities as well as identify ways to address them. ISTMA is proud to welcome JDMA (Japan Die and Mold Industry Association) and ISTM (Iranian Special Tool and Mouldmaking Association) as its newest members! Their engagement and insight will be integral to formulating the strategic objectives for the Asia Pacific region.

It also became clear that the ISTMA strategy needed to attract partners that could introduce and educate members on new technologies. Global Partners wasn't a new concept. Building on the past success and engagement of Global Partners, it was recognized that they were integral to the strategy of ISTMA and the success of ISTMA members. DMG MORI, MAKINO, Messe Stuttgart and HRSFlow provide ISTMA members with innovative solutions and exposure to technologies to be more competitive, support innovation and lower production costs.

Strategy is a marathon not a sprint so the journey continues to realize the potential of ISTMA World. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the ISTMA Board, the ISTMA Secretariat and all ISTMA members who contributed their time and resources.

Come to the ISTMA World Conference in Joinville, Brazil from June 28th to 30th to learn more about ISTMA, network with your colleagues from around the globe and listen to experts and Global Partners in the tooling field describe best practices and new technologies.

I look forward to personally welcoming you to the ISTMA World Conference!

Dave Tilstone (ISTMA President)