The "ISTMA Statistical Year Book" presents in a unique source a comprehensive compilation of available statistics on the more important TDM (Tools, Dies and Moulds) categories for the most influential countries in the industry worldwide.
The data presented in the Year Book are collected from official statistical database at national, regional or international level. Only few, significant and marked estimates are provided when needed.
The content of the Statistical Year Book is oriented to provide useful knowledge to a specialised reader. The publication provides information for companies, business associations and technical and scientific organisations in the industry. Furthermore, the content is also useful for upstream and downstream key-actors, suppliers, clients and partners. In addition, other stakeholders like international organizations, governments, national statistical, economic and policy agencies, scientific and educational institutions, market research organisations, as well as libraries are recipient targets.
The "ISTMA Statistical Year Book" became available for the first time in 2007 in a paper edition. In recent years the paper edition has been made available in conjunction with a digital version. In 2019, following a major upgrade, the edition became digital and interactive, accessed online. The current version displays the following interactive windows:
  1. Country data: for each country, twenty-one time series of macroeconomic and demographic indicators in numerical and graphical format, based on World Bank database;
  2. Country Products – Graphics in EUR, USD and national currency: three different windows for each country and product category; graphic presentation of time series for exports, imports, production and apparent consumption in EUR, USD and national currency; extraction of numerical tables available;
  3. Data Country Products and Trade Specialisation in EUR, USD and national currency: three different windows; numerical tables and graphic representation of time series for international trade and trade specialisation;
  4. International Trade by Country and Product: for each country, product category and currency, a time series graphic representation of exports and imports, exchange rates, trade specialisation, unit value, share and index in value; extraction of numerical tables available;
  5. International Trade – Intercontinental Exports Flows: for each product category, in USD and in % share of the total, a time series of exports flows between continents, in a graphic and in a numerical table representation;
  6. Totals by Product: in USD or in EUR, a worldwide aggregation of time series for exports, imports, production and apparent consumption;
  7. Totals by Country: for each country and in three currencies – EUR, USD and national, a time series graphic representation of totals for exports, imports, production and apparent consumption; extraction of numerical tables available.
Countries represented in the 2019 edition: Austria; Brazil; Canada; China; Czech Republic; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Hungary; India; Indonesia; Italy; Japan; Korea, Republic of; Malaysia; Mexico; Poland; Portugal; Russian Federation; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Taipei, Chinese; Thailand; Turkey; United Kingdom; United States of America and Vietnam.