Over the past 18 months the ISTMA Board has worked hard to reposition ISTMA as a global organization dedicated to representing the tooling and manufacturing process technology industry. We have rebranded ourselves as ISTMA World to better represent all regions of the world and therefore moved away from having separate regional organizations.
The members in Europe, Asia and the Americas will still remain active and organize themselves around important regional issues and advocate on behalf of themselves but also share best practices, discuss global opportunities and challenges at ISTMA World meetings. Aside from the common industries ISTMA members serve, they are also bonded by the lack of a skilled workforce, identifying and training future leaders and staying current with new technologies and industry trends.

With global supply chain technologies and strategies providing for seamless movement of goods and services across the continents and the world, the global focus of ISTMA is becoming more and more important for our members to understand.

Working together for the common good of all members is paramount to the success of ISTMA so expect to see more global meetings at venues that couple education, technology with industry leaders to promote networking and value members can take back to their companies.

Being competitive in a global market is no longer an option so we want to provide the best information and programs to the ISTMA members.

Our Global Partners, those suppliers of machine tools, cutting tools, software, robotics, organizers of trade exhibitions etc. are a key element to all that has been mentioned but most important is their knowledge and training that help ISTMA members become more competitive. In conclusion, we want to recognize the importance of collaborating on a regional as well as on a global basis to promote the interests of our industry and provide our members with information and technology they can use to compete and prosper.