Organized by UCISAP (Italian National Association) with support from ISTMA Europe and European Tooling Platform, the eight edition of the Forum took place in Milan (Italy) on February 28.
Gathering attendees from ten different countries and regions, this initiative is already recognized as a milestone for promotion, visibility and recognition of the Tooling Industry within industry stakeholders and policy makers at National and European level.

Representatives from national associations, innovation centers and academia joined to highlight and discuss major trends and challenges for Toolmaking Industry in Europe in these days. Market undefinition, the increase on production costs, the need to attract young and qualified people or the new competences to be integrated in the companies (human and technological) or sustainability were some of the topics discussed.

Attendees had also the chance to network and share experiences and information about these topics during the event.

This initiative is part of ISTMA Europe strategy to raise awareness and promote the relevance of the sector in the economy, to the creation of new products and industrial sustainability.

[Pictures: Wortundform]