"Innovative machining solutions for sustainable production of tools and molds" was the topic of the latest ISTMA webinar on September 6, 2023, attended by experts from four different continents: Europe, Asia, North and South America and Africa.

Technology drives Sustainability
The event was part of the cycle of webinars under the motto "Technology drives Sustainability" that provides the industry with examples of best practice in the field of sustainability. The seminars are organized by ISTMA Europe under the presidency of the German VDMA association.
Markus Heseding, President of ISTMA Europe, emphasized at the opening session that these technology examples "should encourage the tooling industry and its customers to use innovative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint in their value chains". The speakers of this session, Philipp Dahlhaus from Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrik Paul Horn GmbH in Tübingen, Germany, and Dennis Minder from MAPAL Dr. Kress KG in Aalen, Germany, presented innovative solutions and technologies in the field of cutting tools and clamping technology, which can be used to increase sustainability in die and mould making.

Cutting tools save time and more
Philipp Dahlhaus addressed the topic of "Sustainable machining through the use of ultra-hard cutting materials" and explained that many tool systems can be equipped with ultra-hard cutting materials, such as diamond materials. These tools are already being used in various industries including automotive, aerospace, medical and mold making. They are characterized by highest precision and durability, resulting in vast time and energy savings as well as the elimination of additional processes (i.e., erosion, grinding, polishing). In addition, they ensure both an improvement in the performance of the dies and moulds produced with them and a reduction of waste in the manufacturing process. This advanced technology proves the company's strong commitment to research and development in the field of machining technology. "We produce high-precision tools that are precisely tailored to our customers' needs and expectations, contributing to their sustainability," Philipp Dahlhaus closed his presentation.

Hydraulic chucks save energy
Dennis Minder spoke about the features and benefits of the "Uniq hydraulic chuck" and emphasized that its use "significantly reduces" energy consumption in the manufacturing process. "We need to consider solutions that are quick and easy to implement," he says.
Mapal's tools, especially the hydraulic chucks, "meet all the requirements for process reliability, precision and ease of use" and support moldmakers in their efforts to achieve sustainable production. As a technology partner of its customers, the company is committed to the development of ever more efficient manufacturing processes that reduce the consumption of resources and contribute to greater sustainability.
Dennis Minder cited a Deloitte study that found out that companies that are striving to progress in terms of greater sustainability start their change gradually and first internally, followed by a reduction of emissions in their production chain and finally in their products and services as well.

ISTMA Europe launched this webinar series in May 2023 and sets a different focus topic in each session. Aiming always to present best practice examples of technical solutions and processes that can boost the tooling industry on its way to sustainable production. The next webinar will be held in November 2023 focussing on Machine tools. ISTMA members and guests are cordially invited to attend!