On November 5, 1992, 18 entrepreneurs from the tool and mold making industry met in a hotel in Bad Überkingen to pool their potential and represent it to the industry: And so, the VDWF was born. That small group has now grown into a network of around 480 members. The VDWF organizes a large number of seminars and events, is a co-initiator of the Molding Expo, has launched its own courses, founded a research community, and enters into dialogue with politicians in order to bring the interests of the industry to a broad public.

VDWF President Prof. Thomas Seul explains that the VDWF also maintains interfaces with other industry associations and is above all a "voice" for the many smaller members who, through the association, can make themselves heard in the corporate groups, to clients, and in markets where they could not if they were alone. "It's our job to pool the strengths and knowledge of our companies in order to attain the German speaking region's leading position in international tool and mold making." For Seul, this was true thirty years ago – and it still is now more than ever. The VDWF therefore offers competent advice and practical support on topics such as training and further education, marketing, management, and expert knowledge. The association is also involved on behalf of its members in higher-level issues, such as the DIN standards committee or the CE conformity of tools and molds. Education, technological excellence, visibility, and a culture of meeting are the four pillars of the association's work, through which the VDWF would like to help to make its members, and the entire industry in the German-speaking region, fit for the future.